PoetryMorro Bay

morro bay is a boring town
and nothing happens there

an enormous, ominous rock from volanic spew
off the coast, staring weirdly
affords two paths
left, right
to the left, tourists, a paved trail
with glimmering ocean and piles of small
pebbles, as if in tribute to the enormity
of the morro bay rock
to the right, paved with dirt, potholes and sand
surfers surf and nihilists watch & gossip

the morro bay rock was partially destroyed
to make the road to
the morro bay rock

an old tattoo shop owner nurse psychic,
watches judge judy and energetically
talks about family, food,
and her happy & full life
a vegan motorcyclist health food creature,
kind and callous, offers pictures of
himself in younger days when he sees
my helmet
the wine bar hostess offers vodka
sitting in her truck, blunt on fire
a hottub warms you against the
chill of the nighttime
sea breeze

the worse ramen ever
the shop owner anxious and
desperate to please. i ate it all,
regretted nothing
the coffee shop tender asked me to
research sacred geometry when
she saw the wisp on
my shirt
a man driving the smallest white car
gave me devil horns and
sped off slowly

morro bay is a boring town, and
nothing happens there