i believe in the enormous power of potetry. poetic language is the fullest possible language bc it maximizes meaning. poetry is the intersection of conciseness and soul.

it feels like primordial knowledge from the abyss the universe itself was pulled from.


some of my poems

some poems i have been sent via email

poems i dearly love

my favorite poets

feel right

  • it is rain that grows flowers, not thunder

  • how human we all are

  • my heart drives

  • aurora

  • bloom

  • regret

  • infinity

  • divine

  • bottom feeder

  • carrion

  • disintegrate

  • the infinite scroll

  • ouroboros

  • ensō

  • kairos

  • visceral

  • cecropia

  • komorebi

  • inevitable

  • ergotic

  • dusk

  • wisp