MoviesTalk To Me

you ever watch a film that makes you forget about the real world because it's so involving? you're wrapped around the axle of the story, and your "real self" tingles with joy, startles from fear, and weeps with empathy - you're in so deep the lines have fallen down.

talk to me is perhaps my favorite horror film of the year. it may be my favorite horror film of the last 5 years.

the style of the film was modern and never felt condescending. relationships were never over-explained, characters acted rationally, and there were very few jumpscares. the jumpscares that did exist were so well executed that i would hesitate to call them "jumpscares" in the traditional sense.

talk to me was directed by Danny and Michael Philippou, previously known for youtube shorts such as ronald mcdonald playground slaughter. both directors were crew on the babadook - another australian horror film that i love. i am very excited to follow them.

there were a few mistakes and a few scenes that didn't quite feel right to me - they really need to tone down their "knife getting unsheathed" sound. one time they played that sound while someone took a pair of scissors out of their pocket. the same sound also played while a character was cutting grapes? lmao

overall i left the theater completely amazed, shook, and all of my expectations were shattered. i'll probably see it in theaters again. it's up there with some of my other modern favs like it follows and drag me to hell.

the film wasn't quite in masterpiece territory, but i believe these directors could easily make it there.

strong 9/10